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I became fascinated with the Sphynx several years ago and the fascination grew and grew.  I read everything I could find and visited every website imaginable!

After many years of trying to convince my husband that a Sphynx would be the perfect addition to the family I was able to adopt our first Sphynx in January 2004. That is when we lost our hearts to these naked bundles of joy known as Sphynx!  On New Year's Day 2012 our family added our first Bambino. What a awesome addition he has been to our family!

In the years since then my children have grown into naked kitty loving young adults and have breeding programs of their own. Austin Harrison and Kaitlyn Johnston have Sphynx Queens Zelda and Spencer. Morgan Harrison has Sphynx Queens Skye Bear and Ginger Leigh and Bambino Queen Bella. We are a family obsessed with our nakeds!

To be owned by a Sphynx is like nothing that you have experienced before! I am amazed at how much our lives have changed and how much joy they have brought our family and friends.

We hope you will enjoy our site or stop by and visit one of our feline families when you are in our neck of the woods.


Or call /text 405-760-9899 and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have!