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More about Oklahoma Sphynx!

I became fascinated with the Sphynx several years ago and the fascination grew and grew.  I read everything I could find and visited every website imaginable. It was an obsession I could not understand at the time. As years have gone by I can honestly say I am even more enchanted by them then when I first fell in love with them years ago!

In January 2004 Oklahoma Sphynx started to share their love with other naked kitty lovers!  We started out with King Visa and his group of lovely naked ladies Tinkie, Scilla, and Wheezy. All have since retired, but our love, devotion, and appreciation for them has carried on to this day. They made us what we are today!

On New Year's Day 2012 our family added our first Bambino. What a awesome addition he has been to our family! Spikey Lee has fathered some of the most amazing kittens and has added to our program in ways we could never imagine!

In March 2015 we were blessed to add HobbitCats Trilogy to our home. He was bred, raised, and is owned by Nina Adkins, our good friend. He is one of the oldest living Dwelf cats in the world and we hope he does wonderful things in our program to carry on Nina's work!

In August 2015 we added a stunning Dwelf Prince to our family. He is currently residing with Anhur Sphynx and Bambino in Ada, Oklahoma. We hope that he will also open the hearts and minds of naked kitty lovers everywhere! There is just something magical about those little curled ears!

To be owned by a Sphynx is like nothing that you have experienced before. I am amazed at how much our lives have changed and how much joy they have brought our family and friends. It is truly a family obsession and we are so overwhelmed by our children's love and devotion to our nakeds and our program.

We hope you will look around our site, comment if you see a kitty you love, sign our guestbook, and reach out to us with any questions you may have about these amazing felines!

Cynthia & Kenneth Sallee

Morgan Harrison

Austin Harrison & Kaitlyn Johnston


Or call /text 405-760-9899 and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have!