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Just a little information about taking care     of your new Sphynx kitten



Routine care is required such as bathing, toenail clipping and ear cleaning.

BATHING: Since the Sphynx has very little hair to absorb body oils they have to be bathed more often than normal cats, at least once every 1-2 weeks. When bathing a Sphynx you can use a mild baby shampoo. If your Sphynx gets dirty in between baths they can be wiped down with a mild baby wipe.  Our kittens start having baths at 6 weeks of age.

EARS: The sphynx ears also need to be cleaned on a weekly basis, using a pet ear cleaner made for cats, will dissolve dirt and waxy build-up.  I like Doc Roys Ear Cleanser.  I order mine on line from Revival Animal Health.  It is inexpensive, safe, and does a great job!

EYES:The Sphynx also lacks eyelashes, which can result in dirt in the corners of their eyes. Use a clean soft washcloth with warm water and gently wipe the cats eyes and face.

NAILS:  The nails need to be kept clipped and clean.   We DO NOT declaw our Sphynx?! It is a painful process that we find unnecessary.  If you are worried about damage to furniture we recommend you go to PetSmart and purchase Soft Claws Nail Caps.  They slide over the tips of the nail without hurting your new feline friend.

FEEDING: Sphynx also have a higher metabolism because of their need to keep warm, so they eat more then an average cat. Always feed a premium dry and wet cat food. And fresh water at all times.  We feed 4Health Grain Free and Royal Canin dry food.  In addition we feed a raw diet that can be found at any quality pet feed store.  Our guys love the rabbit, lamb, and venison.

Are they hypo-allergenic?  No, it is not so much the fur on your feline friend as much as the oils, dander, and saliva that can cause allergic reactions.  We have had no issues so far even though my daughter is highly allergic.  I can only assume it is because we frequently bathe our kittens.  I cannot promise the same for every family...we may just be extremely lucky!